Key experience

Down to earth

Land van Engelingen consists of many facets aimed at humans and nature, relaxation, and deceleration.

In Land van Engelingen, you experience the beauty and tranquillity of nature to your core. During your stay, nature is your home, where the sensory experience is central. This key experience is the DNA of Land van Engelingen and lies at the basis of our philosophy and vision of life.

What to expect when you book the key experience?

Donkey walks

Join our donkeys on a guided tour through the valley.

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“Leave your front door and your back door open. Let thoughts come and go. Just don’t serve them tea.”

Shunryu Suzuki

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Honest and real food. As much as possible organic and local food from our immediate surroundings, sometimes even from our garden & orchard, if the season permits! Feel fitter by eating conscious and varied.

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There are several hiking trails in the vicinity of Land van Engelingen. But also on your own, you can discover the beautiful valley on foot. We are happy to give you tips about the most beautiful places.


Discover our cozy gardens with the greenhouses, vegetable garden, relax meadow, private forest, and a campfire.

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Swimming pond

Take a refreshing dip in our swimming pond surrounded by flora and immerse yourself in nature.


Discover the fauna and flora of the valley of Engelingen in the fruit region of Haspengouwen crossed by the river Herk.

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Surrender and immersion

The best way to learn and experience Land van Engelingen is through a multi-day experience focused on one specific theme. For example, we offer Yoga, Detox, Mindfulness, Family, Nature, and Silence retreats.