Building a dream

In 2011, Freddy Bels sows the seeds for Land van Engelingen. a former watermill called ‘Engelingenmolen’ located in the green valley of the Herk.

The hamlet of Engelingen, 7 hectares of land, and a good dose of spirit: these three ingredients are the basis of a daring project on the soil of Haspengouwen.

Freddy soon got the taste of renovation and continued to focus on his passion. “A project must ripen like a good wine,” says the miller, and so his pioneering work becomes his life’s work.

Freddy has meanwhile passed on the passion of Land van Engelingen to his wife, Lieve. Together, she has been writing that authentic story of her husband for years, and now they are building together with their heart and soul on their dream in Land van Engelingen.

Inner peace in nature

We want to give the guests in Land van Engelingen the freedom to recharge and find inner peace.

Freddy and Lieve look to a sustainable future where humans and nature are in balance. A land where freedom and creativity are stated values.

Today, we at Land van Engelingen strive to radiate our vision in the quality of hospitality. Every day we join forces to let you enjoy a vegetable garden, the donkeys, the peace, the quiet, and nature.

At the same time, Land van Engelingen likes to play out its location in Haspengouwen; our unique character as a place of silence is also an asset next to nature and hospitality.

The love for nature not only inspires us; it drives us every day, from silence walks or growing organic vegetables to bottling apple juice and pear champagne.

Your enjoyment in Land van Engelingen makes it complete for us.