In balance

Deeply hidden in the Herk valley, one can find an idyllic piece of nature: Land van Engelingen.
The land, located in the small hamlet ‘Engelingen’, is a green oasis full of natural life. The 7-hectare estate borders orchards, meadows, and a nature reserve.

You can do forest bathing, swim, walk and dream away between the orchards, in the vegetable garden, in the donkey meadow, in the herb garden, in the forest, between the fruit hedges, or in the outdoor greenhouse.

In Land van Engelingen, you can experience nature from head to toe, inside and out. No effort has been spared to allow guests to relax and unwind in Land van Engelingen completely. The various small hiding places and the walks with the donkeys will enable you to observe and experience nature to the fullest.

Away from the hustle and bustle of life, you are in another land where time stands still.