Time for reflection

In 2009 vertrok Freddy te voet vanuit Limburg met de ezel Gabriëla naar Santiago de Compostela in Spanje. Zijn trouwe metgezel is er nog steeds en ze is ondertussen moeder van Izzie en Klara. Samen met de andere ezels Carotte, Mishe, Fé, Nelson, Shiva, Mathilde, Edwin en Elio zijn het onze vaste inwoners van Land van Engelingen.

Poitou en Pyreneeën

We have 2 different breeds, namely Poitou donkeys and Pyrenese donkeys. The Pyrenees have an elegant and light build, and they are swift and strong. Their coat is short-haired and colored grey and golden brown.

A real Poitou has a reddish-brown coat with grey around the mouth, nose, and eyes, with a head as big as a horse, long ears, straight and long back, a round body, and strong legs. The Poitou donkey is known for its felted ‘dreadlocks’. Poitou donkeys have a soft and calm character.

Reload and enjoy

The gardens in Land van Engelingen are surrounded by hawthorn hedges, fruit orchards, and roses. You will find a romantic terrace everywhere, sometimes well hidden by the water, in the vegetable of herb garden, or under the trees.

The garden is a delight to the eye throughout the year: from jasmine and blossoms in spring to lush raspberry bushes and scented roses in autumn.

A rich history

Everything started with a watermill. The oldest mention we can find in the archives to date dates back to 1338.

The whole hamlet of Engelingen only includes the mill as a building.

On several maps of the 17th and 18th centuries, we can see the buildings and name evolving: from a small mill to several buildings, and from Eigelingen to Ingelingen to Engelingen.

The current mill house with miller’s home and surrounding barns date from 1856.
The mill with the wheel is no longer there, but the mill house next to the river Herk is still there.

In 2011 Freddy bought the mill. After a thorough renovation of all the buildings on the estate, he decided, together with Lieve, to no longer call it Engelingenmolen because there was no mill anymore, but Land van Engelingen.

Enjoy together

Currently, Lieve and Freddy have furnished Land van Engelingen as an oasis of tranquility with several vacation homes and opportunities for workshops and full retreats.

The former watermill has 4 vacation homes: the Front House, the Penthouse, the Town House, and the Mill House itself.
Hidden between the trees, you will find the Country House, a beautiful detached vacation home.
The barn has been converted into a multipurpose room that serves as a meeting place, where one can participate in workshops.

In the garden, there are 2 greenhouses. The greenhouse near the vegetable garden serves as an active horticulture greenhouse full of delicious fruit and vegetables. The large greenhouse is used as a second multipurpose room, where it is lovely to stay with a 360-degree view of the beautiful natural surroundings of Land van Engelingen.

A green oasis

Hidden in the valley of the Herk, lies Land van Engelingen. A green oasis of 7 hectares where nature offers a surprising spectacle every day: you can observe water and migratory birds, take part in a dewwalk through the adjacent nature reserve, pick herbs or just enjoy silence and tranquility on a bench. Wherever you look, nature is always and everywhere prominent in Land van Engelingen.

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