mindfulness weekend

A weekend full of awareness,in a beautiful, idyllic location.

There is currently no mindfulness retreat planned.Check the retreats page for all coming retreats.

Inspiring Awareness

During this weekend, you will create awareness in an inspiring way. Different, approachable meditations and various other low-threshold activities are on the program to experience the weekend mindful.

But also: healthy and pure food, sitting by the campfire, walking through nature, having good conversations, or experiencing silence, whatever you feel like at that moment. Relaxation and rejuvenation!

Beginner or advanced?

Whether you are a beginner in the field of meditation or not, that doesn’t matter. The point is that you can let yourself be carried away to see how you are doing inside. The goal is that you drive home on Sunday afternoon with a clear head and perhaps new insights.

Honest and real food

During the weekend, we prepare honest and real food. As much as possible organic and local from our immediate surroundings, sometimes even from our garden & orchard! After all, by eating conscious and varied, you feel fitter. And of course, this can be combined with a good glass of wine and a nice piece of cake. It’s your weekend!


Does this sound familiar? Your glasses were in front of you, suddenly they’re gone, and you have no idea where they went. Or you are in a meeting at work, and suddenly you realize that you did not hear anything.

It is quite possible that you just put your glasses somewhere else, but in the meantime, you were so deep in thought that you didn’t notice it, just like during that meeting.

Thoughts about yesterday, tomorrow, later.
Your thoughts go everywhere except in the here and now. And so we lose a lot of beautiful moments because we get carried away in the train of thoughts, which often causes us to worry and creates a lot of stress.

Mindfulness and mediation teach you to be present in the moment.

‘Do what you do, what you are doing, consciously,’ is a simple explanation of mindfulness. And so you learn to be more conscious in life, and you can see that the brooding, grinding thoughts and judging no longer have anything to do with reality and cause a lot of stress.

How? Through different forms of meditation and small exercises.

Sustainable accommodation

Land van Engelingen radiates warmth and intimacy; you feel right at home.

The renovated watermill stands on a 7-hectare estate. It is surrounded by nature and meadows: a private forest, an orchard with fresh fruit, a campfire spot, a field where donkeys walk around, and a large garden where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the ecological swimming pond when the weather is nice.

We make sure you have enough privacy and comfort, even outside, should you feel the need.



A straightforward, well-organized program awaits you upon arrival with room for sufficient free time for yourself.

The experience starts on Friday at 5 pm and ends on Sunday afternoon after lunch. We arrange every day in such a way that there is a nice balance between meditations, meals, and enough free time in which you can do what you feel like doing.

On Friday, there will be a nicely-set table ready for you upon arrival. We enjoy the delicious food while we get to know each other.

The rest of the evening flows into the rest of the weekend. The weekend consists of meditation sessions, formal and informal mindfulness exercises, breakfast-lunch-dining with each other, your own free time, and especially “being mindful”.

Free time

Outside the program, there is plenty of room for relaxation, time for yourself! But also for movement, deepening, processing, stillness, encountering, and for nature.

You can enjoy (massage)treatments, sauna, hot tub, ecological swimming pond, and enjoy doing nothing in the garden or on the terrace at this beautiful location.

There is currently no mindfulness retreat planned.Check the retreats page for all coming retreats.